Skin Clinic Sydney

At Concept Cosmetic Medicine we don’t believe our procedures are purely about looking good, although they will help you look great. We also believe it’s about feeling great. 

Looking and feeling great is a combination of being informed and confident during your decision making process, relaxed throughout your surgical or treatment experience and pleased with your results. 

At Concept Cosmetic Medicine, we’re holistic in our approach to your health and wellbeing and we aim to ensure your body reaches its physical potential in the most minimally invasive and natural way. 


There’s a lot to consider when you are thinking about having anti-wrinkle, skin or contour treatments, and we have a vast selection of professional treatments available. These include fast and effective options such as a PRP injection or a microdermabrasion in Sydney, which we often use as part of a more comprehensive makeover process, so that we can offer you a complete cosmetic medical experience. 



We have two subsets of treatments in our clinic - Makeover and Maintenance.

Makeover procedures turn back the ageing clock and give your appearance a fresher look and feel, giving you a more youthful appearance. Makeover treatments include procedures such as liposculpture and laser resurfacing. Generally makeover procedures are more intensive, with permanent or longer lasting results and require some recovery time. Your Concept Cosmetics consultant will ensure you completely understand the process, fees, recovery and outcome for your entire makeover procedure so you have absolute confidence in you decision. 


Maintenance procedures are best described as treatments that freeze the ageing clock for as long as possible. You have probably heard of treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections? Well, we are the experts. We have a range of maintenance procedures ranging from laser facials to injectable moisturisers and other procedures to help you feel great all over. Maintenance procedures often have little down time and are relatively inexpensive. With friendly and discreet services, many clients say visiting CCM is just like visiting the hairdresser. The success of our treatments and popularity of our cosmetic medical practice has seen CCM expand with clinics now open in Drummoyne, Penrith, Sydney CBD, Bowral and Newcastle