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For those who are wondering:  yes he is a doctor, he’s just young for this field. Dr Qikun Bao is a Cosmetic Physician skilled with almost all the available injectable facial treatments on the market. His specialty however is the no scalpel, no stitch, non-surgical face lift using SilhouetteSoft absorbable sutures. His passion for this treatment propelled him to the status of a national trainer for this treatment in just 11 months.

Dr. Bao earned his degree from Sydney University, and completed his internship at the Royal North Shore Hospital. His love for cosmetic medicine began when a colleague starting up a cosmetic clinic approached him halfway through his first year of internship. Juggling the rigors of hospital training and cosmetics, he quickly became adept at allforms of fillers and anti-wrinkle treatment. He also possesses extensive knowledge of cosmetic lasers on the market and has even taught General Practice Registrars on the indications and use of cosmetic lasers.