It's often said the eyes are the gateway to one's soul.
As primal beings, we instinctively look into a person's eyes to assess them - Open yourself to the world.


At CCS we use the Fraxel REPAIR laser scalpel to perform skin only Blepharoplasty.

This allows us to perform eyelid reductions without any need for hospitalisation or General Anaesthetic.

By limiting the procedure to skin only, we ensure a natural look and avoid the hollow, “operated-on” look. We also avoid the possibilities of serious complications that a formal surgery has to contend with.


This is the removal of the lower eyelid fat that otherwise makes people look tired. It is accomplished through a small incision with a laser scalpel just inside the eyelid. It involves no scaring and no need for suturing.


This involves the removal of excess skin from the lower eyelid. The amount of skin to be removed is assessed by a “pinch test”. Thus the name of the procedure. It is the removal of skin only and so leaves the eyelid and its muscles all untouched.


This procedure is done with a resurfacing laser (Erbium or CO2). It tightens and rejuvenates the eyelid skin so that skin bags and "creping" are minimised.