The process of becoming older is genetically determined and environmentally modulated.
While we can't fight the forces of nature, we can take back a little of what it takes away.

A Face lift or Neck lift involves surgical procedures that tightens and removes drooping skin, it is a surgical tightening of the facial or neck muscles improves the tone of the skin. These procedures can also involve the removal and repositioning of the excessive fat present beneath the skin.


Involves the strategic placement of surgical threads that can mimic the effects of facelift surgery and re-contour the face.

At Concept Cosmetic Medicine we use dissolving threads to provide beautiful refreshing facial contours without a ‘surgical look’, hospitalisation or General Anaesthetic.

The most common areas for this treatment are: Eyebrows, Cheeks, Jowls, Jawline and Neck.


A keyhole face lift procedure involves the placement of facelifting sutures through “keyhole” access and so avoids scars, hospitalisation and General Anaesthetic.

This has been made possible by advances in both the suture material used and the instrumentation to place them.


This procedure can be thought of as an extension of our “keyhole” face lift procedure, where the amount of skin to be lifted is excessive enough to warrant trimming.

This is done without the need for hospitalisation, General Anaesthetic or extensive scars around the ears (characteristic of a full surgical face lift).


A grin lift is the removal of small amounts of skin in the mouth corners so that a “sad clown mouth” is corrected.


A lip lift procedure involves the removal of a small amount of skin from under the nose so that the top lip is lifted to an optimal level.

This is especially beneficial to the aging top lip that has turned under and thinned. To try and fill such a lip with dermal fillers results in a poor “trout pout” outcome.



An Earlobe repair is performed to repair damaged earlobes. Earlobes can be damaged from sport, age or earrings.