Beauty is more than skin deep, only just and modern technology allows the smallest of changes beneath the surface to give a significant, yet natural rollback
of the clock.


“Stem cells” are the repair and regeneration cells of our body. They are in every organ system and tissue.

Resurface + F.A.S.C.T

Interestingly, they are also in our own fat, where they are plentiful. Much more so than, for example, our bone marrow. In our fat they are called mesenchymal stem cells. In a laboratory, they can be encouraged to make any type of human tissue. When placed in the skin, stem cells replenish and repair skin cells, blood vessels, fat cells and aid in the healing of elastosis – the visible hallmark of sun damage. This replaces youthful collagen in the skin, not just covering collagen that is old and damaged.

Since some work in Japan in 2013 (Yoshimura), Brazil (Rigotti) and France (Tonnard) the understanding of the magic of self-repair have arrived and is real.


These are a group of products whose longer lasting effects are the result of stimulating your skin cells to produce more collagen.