Ladies and gentlemen of the CCM jury, I ask you . . .

<< Do you think this is:
(a)   Careless beach-goer
(b)   CCM staff member
(c)   CCM Doctor
(d)   The owner of CCM

You can probably tell by the flow of answers where I'm leading you....

YES! (d) The owner of our wonderful clinic.

GASP and cue dramatic revelation music!

Now above said example of bad sunburn was on holidays with above said's children who from this point will be called Exhibit "B".

 Exhibit "B"

Exhibit "B"

Now Exhibit "B" were, at the time advising Exhibit "A" to protect one's skin. Exhibit "B" are much younger with less life experience but to them it was obvious the danger Exhibit "A" was in.

Exhibit "B" later saw their warnings on that fateful afternoon had been ignored, and in the days following revealed in their subsequent lectures to Exhibit "A" on sun protection.

 Exhibit "C"

Exhibit "C"

<< Next I present to you Exhibit "C", friend of Exhibit "A".

Ironically Exhibit "C" was being warned by Exhibit "A" of the dangers she was facing and at one stage was told to remove oneself from a sun lounge to avoid any further "thermonuclear assaults".

Next I present to you an item that may very well leave you in shock and disbelief. Evidence that will prove to you beyond any reasonable doubt that this act of carelessness goes beyond what you may deem possible by most people, let alone the owner of a clinic that treats people with sun damaged skin - Ladies and gentlemen.... Exhibit "D"! 

 Exhibit "D"

Exhibit "D"

While Exhibit "A" and Exhibit "C" were not only getting burnt from the sun, Exhibit "B" took great joy in roasting Exhibits "A" & "C" even further - This was all the while . . . in a final twist, Exhibit "D" sat in the shed patiently waiting for a purpose.

Admittedly Exhibit "D" is merely a shade cloth umbrella from Bunnings and is not capable of the same level of protection of its more expensive relatives but, both ladies exposed themselves to the biggest killer of beautiful skin and have now paid the price.

Any protection (including an "el-cheapo" Bunnings umbrella) would have been better than the vulnerable position these ladies put themselves in while on holidays.

Were they careless and could they've easily done more to protect themselves?

Should they have led by example and shown the younger witnesses they were indeed sun smart?

Was this sunburn so easily avoidable . . . it's criminal?

You be the judge.


;) Dr. Neal.