One of the highlights of the cosmetic year is to attend the annual Non-Surgical Symposium and this year it was held in the fabulous Gold Coast. I fondly call it the boobs and bum conference but it’s really mostly about everything injectable and of course all the laser gadgets.

There’s a mixed bag of attendees, cosmetic doctors, nurses, industry and they all cram into the exhibition centre to fill their brains with the latest and greatest.

I have attended these conferences for the last 12 years and there’s been some great changes in the industry over that time. These emerging trends will be shared by international and local presenters. For example, we used to only bother filling lines and wrinkles but in the last few years we now see far more value in addressing the volume depletion of the face as we all age and involute. This concept was introduced to me at a conference I went to many years ago and changed forever how I perform cosmetic treatments.

For the second year in a row I went to the anatomy labs to study cadaver heads to further my knowledge and understanding of this fundamental topic.

There’s some fun to be had too! It’s not all learning and study. There’s lolly stalls and coffee and kale smoothies and a good opportunity to observe ones’ colleagues surreptitiously from the coffee stand. It is very refreshing and literally eye opening to look around and be reminded of just how alluring a face is when restored in a ‘natural’ way.  Certainly, one can have too much of a good thing when it comes to anti-wrinkle and filler injections. As one plastic surgeon put it- “there’s a load of lips and t#ts on sticks walking around!” Funny but true.

I always take a new tip or technique away from these gatherings. There are always internationally regarded presenters who give pearls of wisdom that I can adopt into my practice to make me a better and safer injector.  However, as each conference comes to an end it is both comforting and humbling to know just how experienced I am.