Non-surgical Facial Thread Lift: A New Lease on Life

I think a lot of us forget that we humans are very visual creatures.

I haven't touched a stethoscope, nor have I saved anyone from the brink of death in over a year. I still however, challenge those who question my identity as a doctor. I still in my way help improve lives. I don't ever believe help should arrive when people are on the brink of death. If anything it should happen way before that milestone. In my previous article I wrote about the benefits of a non-surgical, natural and organic thread that has the ability to lift faces with no incisions nor downtime. But that's just science, let's talk about what it does for people.

Take for example the lady above. For confidentiality let's call her Jane Doe. I've known Jane personally for a year now. Single mother with two children, one with autism. She's had a rough few years with a persistently vexatious ex-partner. She's had to leave a toxic work environment. Though in the latter few months her life has improved due to her indomitable spirit, the emotional stress has aged her. She is 44.

Becoming a national trainer for Silhouette Soft threads gave me the privilege to train other cosmetic doctors in this art. I thought of Jane. I couldn't solve her issues with her ex-partner. I also knew that no doctor could cure her other child of autism. What I did know was that if I could teach to the best of my abilities my understanding of the product and procedure, I could reverse the effects of Jane's aging and emotional stress. In doing so, I could get her looking her best for her career as a dermal therapist. We literally made her look more like 33, ready to take on the challenges of her new job and her children as they grow into their teenage years

I think a lot of us forget that we humans are very visual creatures. We're hooked on Netflix, we love our Instagram and Pinterest. Tumblr and memes as a way of communicating has largely replaced long winded articles such as mine. But we're still evolutionarily human. We identify youthfulness with strength, vigour and potential. Yet paradoxically in our careers, as our minds grow sharper, our experiences become more nuanced and our skills become more enhanced, our outward appearances betray us. If we're living longer than ever and expected to work longer before retirement, is it not reasonable to redefine "aging gracefully" in the context of the scientific progress that has happened in health and beauty?


In Jane's case, reducing her jowls and the sagging of her cheeks from aging will have significant intangible effects on her career as a dermal therapist. Best of all, she required no downtime and no interruption to her career or role as a mother.

But hey, don't take it from a self-righteous doctor, lets let Jane do all the talking for us!