Dr Silvan Lee

What the heck are these dark patches that have just appeared on my face Doc?

There is a chance it's "Melasma". It’s a common question and yes, there is treatment available.

The dark patches may well be Melasma which is a form of facial pigmentation. It can be a difficult condition to treat as it can quite often reappear and if not treated correctly, it can result in the condition worsening.

So what causes it?

There are a number of triggers that can cause Melasma


Melasma is thought to be triggered by the female hormone Oestrogen around times when the Oestrogen exposure is more prominent like when taking the contraceptive pill,
pregnancy and sun exposure can make Melasma appear or worsen.

Those who have naturally darker skin or tan more easily tend to be more prone to the condition also however it may not be limited to the above - Skin trauma, some medications and even just ageing can trigger this sometimes embarrassing and unwanted blemish.

Treatment usually requires a particular skin regime complimented with a specific and gentle laser treatment to breakup the pigmented cells but not over-inflame the Melasma - Which in some cases can make it worse.

Treated correctly the appearance of Melasma can be heavily reduced but at the same time it is prudent to avoid trigger factors where possible and be vigilant in sun avoidance. In short Melasma can be managed and controlled.

Pigmentation can be troubling, but it doesn't have to be. Feel free to come and have a chat about what we can do to help.

Dr Silvan


Excessive sweating of the palms, underarms, face and various other parts of the body is a common problem and can cause a great deal of discomfort - It has a name: Hyperhidrosis.

If you do not have the condition it’s difficult to understand the impact it can have on someone’s life day-to-day and it will always be at its worst just when you don’t want it to be. Holding a partner’s hand while watching a tense movie, giving a work presentation while presenting underarm sweat patches, hands slipping on the steering wheel in difficult driving conditions and so on has a huge impact on one’s self-confidence.




There are a number of causes for excessive sweating. Many would have tried daily topical medications to reduce one's sweating, some people spray just about every part of their body in anti-perspirant, some have even resorted to sticking pantyliners on the inside of their clothing! It’s an ordeal and a drain on life. 

Botulinum Toxin A, which is also used to relax wrinkles is highly effective in treating hyperhidrosis. A very fine needle is used to distribute the Botulinum Toxin A intradermally to block the nerve impulses that cause you to sweat.

Does it hurt? That depends on your own pain threshold but at CCM we provide the option of Nitrous Oxide (aka as Happy Gas) which makes the procedure more comfortable.

Will it last forever? No, Botulinum Toxin A is used in a wide range of treatments in the medical world and as wonderful as it is you will need a top up within 3 months time. 

We love talking about what we do at Concept Cosmetic Medicine so if you are troubled by hyperhidrosis feel free to get in touch and we'll answer any questions you have and the possible treatment options available to you.



The "double chin" is not an uncommon problem. A lot of people, at some point in their life find collars hard to button up or have a double chin mysteriously appear in photos.

The triangular shaped area of skin that starts at the top of our neck and follows through to our chin is typically known as the sub-mental region. If you were to use your index finger and thumb and basically pinch the area underneath your tongue you will be holding the skin of your sub-mental triangle.

Unfortunately this area also holds a layer of fat and from post puberty until later in life we have the same number of fat cells in this area. If you find yourself with one day with a double chin it’s not because there are more fat cells, they have simply grown bigger and historically this area is one of the most stubborn places reduce the appearance of fat.

Until now, there has been little to no surgical treatment options available in Australia to reduce the fat underneath the chin/jaw area. 

Injectable Fat Dissolving Treatment is a procedure similar to having anti-wrinkle injections - but through a series of tiny injections to the fat in the sub-mental area we can safely dissolve this under jaw fat.

The injectable fat dissolving treatment uses deoxycholic acid which is naturally found in our body and it’s used to help digest fat. When injected into the area under the chin the fat cells simply dissolve and with a reduced surface area the skin the tightens.

The treatment itself only takes around 20 mins but some light swelling and bruising in the area, which usually remains for several days you can notice the fat under the chin shrink over the next 4-6 weeks, while also tightening the skin.

Most patients with mild to moderate sub-mental fullness will see visible improvement of their jawline after just 2 treatments. Some may need more than 2 treatments to achieve optimal results. At CCM, we are able to perform this procedure comfortably with cool packs, and happy gas, or numbing gel if one wishes, this will depend on your own pain tolerance but generally speaking it’s not an overly painful experience

Below are before and after photos of what you could expect if you had mild to moderate submental fat which had been bothering her for many years.

If you are interested in non surgical treatment options for unwanted fat, please feel free to come in for a chat.

by Dr Silvan Lee