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Fractional Laser Resurfacing - “It’s F**king Awesome”: Chelsea Handler.

The secret’s out! Chelsea Handler doesn’t mince her words so when the 41 year old comedian and talkshow host recently shared her experience of having fractional laser treatment on her face and subsequently posted her photos on Instagram, her 2.8 million followers listened - And rightly so.

She was ecstatic: “It’s f**king awesome and no one is paying me to tell you about it.” And who can blame her? Fractional laser treatment is one of the procedures that makes the biggest difference to your skin and is the most popular resurfacing procedure at Concept Cosmetic Medicine, both for celebrities and the not-so-famous.

What Is Fractional Laser Treatment?

Fractional laser (or Profractional Laser as it is known in the States) works to even out skin tone and texture and improve complexion and pigmentation so that you can not only reverse the signs of ageing but sustain the process for 12-18 months. And because we use the Fraxel Repair laser, this can all be done in a SINGLE treatment! This is due to the ablative CO2 technology in the Fraxel Repair laser, which gives better results but less severe downtime than non-ablative alternatives.

Does It Hurt?

Most patients are very surprised by how painless the procedure actually is.  A numbing cream is applied before the procedure and at CCM we use a special technique so that any potential discomfort is reduced even further. 

How Long Does It Take?

The numbing cream takes an hour for full effect and the procedure itself takes about half an hour. So in total you will be with us for about 90 minutes.

What Are The Side-Effects?

The day following treatment you will look and feel sunburnt. The next day that redness becomes a dark “tan”. Over the next 2-3 days, this tan gently flakes off. You should accommodate 4 to 5 days of downtime: think of it as your well-deserved time off to relax and rejuvenate.

Is It Right For Me?

The Fraxel laser is revolutionary in that it can be used safely on ALL skin types. So if you’re looking for more beautiful, youthful skin just in time for all those Christmas parties and other special occasions, then it is definitely something to consider. The results generally last 12 to 18 months. I personally have the treatment once a year so that my skin can stay in a time capsule.

But if you need a star-studded testimonial, U.S talk show queen Chelsea Handler is a glowing example and ambassador of the treatment. Have you looked at Chelsea Lately?

Remember though, not all Fractional Lasers are the same. At CCM, we only use the Fraxel Repair laser and there is a big difference between our state-of-art equipment and that used by the “less certified” providers. Please, be careful of cheap imitations. There’s more information on the comparative differences HERE.

Dr Stefan Lo

Vampire Facials: Immortal Beauty or Bloody Waste of Time?

As Cosmetic physicians, we often see increased demand for a particular procedure straight after celebrities get them. Their strong social media presence influences the masses and will quite often initiate these “trends”.

But while the exposure is excellent for raising awareness of these procedures, they're not always the best procedure for everyone - We're all unique with unique needs and circumstances.

<< A prime example of this is the “Vampire Facial” which was championed by Kim Kardashian a few years ago. This is still a hot topic and a procedure I’m asked about on a regular basis, so let’s look at this procedure in more detail.


The “Vampire Facial” or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) involves taking of a person’s blood, spinning it to separate and obtain the part of the blood called Platelet Rich Plasma. The PRP is then injected into a targeted area.


Although it’s only recently that PRP has received a lot of media coverage, it has been around for decades and is based on sound scientific theory. Platelets are a part of our blood that are first to arrive at sites of injury and release growth factors which assist in healing. Therefore the theory is that if we can concentrate these little packages of healing goodness and put it into our areas of need, we should be able to stimulate healing and regeneration. In fact PRP has become a popular marketed treatment in the treatment of arthritis, soft tissue injuries, baldness, skin rejuvenation and even sexual dysfunction.


This is the million dollar question and the short answer is no-one really knows! Certainly there has not been any conclusive studies to prove that it works. Patients certainly leave the procedure looking plumper and more “lifted” but this is only a result of the volume of liquid that has been injected into their face. As this settles down over the next few days, they will return to the way they looked before the procedure. The PRP effect is supposed to take effect over the next few months but there is insufficient evidence from rigorous clinical trials that this will happen.

The reason for this is that these special healing platelet packages actually need an injury and the other associated players in the inflammation process to be activated and simply injecting them therefore may not be sufficient. Then again, even in the soft tissue and joint pain medicine where PRP is most heavily marketed, there is insufficient evidence that it is significantly better than placebo.


At Concept Cosmetic Medicine we do offer PRP for people that are adamant to try it however we wish all our patients to receive the best treatment for their needs and circumstance so PRP is not a treatment we would normally recommend. Chances are, if you come and have a chat with us, we would be able to advise you on a treatment that would better address your concerns for the investment you wish to make to have more confidence in yourself.

Dr Stefan