As someone who has practiced cosmetic injectables for 28 years now, sadly I'm not surprised by this news report.

What I am surprised and dismayed about though is the glossing over the fact that over 80% of cosmetic injectables are now delivered in Australia by non Doctors!!!
The rise of the nurse injector and the corporatisation of cosmetic injectables by chain clinics over the last 7 years is, I think, is lamentable.

This is almost exclusively an Australian phenomenon. In NZ, for instance, A DOCTOR ISN'T ALLOWED BY LAW to deliver cosmetic injectables without formal post graduate training and registration.

This is because NZ understands that while uncommon, there is precious little that a non-hospital surgical setting, can cause as much damage to a patient than when cosmetic injectable fillers go wrong - Not the anti wrinkle injections but the fillers mentioned in the news report.

In Australia, badly or untrained nurses, both registered and enrolled, are slipping through the cracks and being let loose on an unsuspecting public.

Ironically, while the Australian medical industry generally embraces progressive treatments and a foundation of conservative medical legislation, the regulatory bounds of cosmetic medicine and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery is relatively lax.

I would contend that the doctors shouldn't be the problem, but the solution and they should be promoted as the favoured choice for the wise consumer to deliver this service.