Saggy Earlobes? We Hear You.

A normal part of the ageing process involves the loss of soft tissue and a decrease in skin elasticity. Whilst often overlooked, the earlobes are no different to other areas of the face in this respect. Saggy, wrinkly and floppy looking ears are also compounded by years of wearing heavy earrings.

Once the ageing process sets in, many women feel self-conscious wearing earrings at all because they don’t want to draw extra attention to their sad looking lobes.

Fortunately treatment with small amounts of hyaluronic acid filler is a quick and easy fix for this issue. It is relatively pain free and can be done in under half an hour.


Excessive sweating of the palms, underarms, face and various other parts of the body is a common problem and can cause a great deal of discomfort - It has a name: Hyperhidrosis.

If you do not have the condition it’s difficult to understand the impact it can have on someone’s life day-to-day and it will always be at its worst just when you don’t want it to be. Holding a partner’s hand while watching a tense movie, giving a work presentation while presenting underarm sweat patches, hands slipping on the steering wheel in difficult driving conditions and so on has a huge impact on one’s self-confidence.




There are a number of causes for excessive sweating. Many would have tried daily topical medications to reduce one's sweating, some people spray just about every part of their body in anti-perspirant, some have even resorted to sticking pantyliners on the inside of their clothing! It’s an ordeal and a drain on life. 

Botulinum Toxin A, which is also used to relax wrinkles is highly effective in treating hyperhidrosis. A very fine needle is used to distribute the Botulinum Toxin A intradermally to block the nerve impulses that cause you to sweat.

Does it hurt? That depends on your own pain threshold but at CCM we provide the option of Nitrous Oxide (aka as Happy Gas) which makes the procedure more comfortable.

Will it last forever? No, Botulinum Toxin A is used in a wide range of treatments in the medical world and as wonderful as it is you will need a top up within 3 months time. 

We love talking about what we do at Concept Cosmetic Medicine so if you are troubled by hyperhidrosis feel free to get in touch and we'll answer any questions you have and the possible treatment options available to you.



The power of a well proportioned chin is often an under-looked and a neglected facial feature.

As our skeletons age our bones lose mass. This happens to all of us and there’s no avoiding it however, it should be noted the loss of mass in the chin is relatively more significant and subject to a more noticeable affect on the appearance of ageing.  

The loss of mass around the chin leads to the appearance of worsening jowls, marionette lines, and fine lines around the mouth. Replacement of this bone loss with a thick filler can provide a strut to help make this seemingly “lazy” skin more taught. You could think of it like the “little plastic table” in the middle of your pizza…. Otherwise known as a Pizza Saver - except we like to engineer the process with a little more precision.

In younger people, who have not yet suffered the bony losses of age, chin fillers can be used to help correct a weak looking chin, improve the profile and jawline and improve the appearance of a round face shape. This can be seen in photos of Ivanka Trump. Whilst she appears to have had a rhinoplasty, she has also had chin volumisation. The combination has resulted in a beautiful profile and a less rounded face. This clever contouring has created the desirable upside down triangle shaped face that is thought to be a true sign of beauty, and I couldn’t agree more.

Even Angelina Jolie, who has long been considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world has had a little help in the chin and jawline department. The results are subtle and she still looks like herself. Even Angelina understands the power of a good chin.

If you have any questions about non-surgical chin augmentation or any other procedure then please get in touch - we love talking about cosmetic medicine. 

Dr Phoebe Jones



I'm asked a lot about injectable moisturisers - Will it hurt and do they work?

Generally speaking, there's only some discomfort. We apply numbing cream to the area prior and use very fine gauge needles for the actual injections. In addition there's gas on-hand also should you be sensitive.

Does it work? We think so.

While the effects are not as prominent as some other procedures, the overall glow and luminosity is certainly noticeable along with the reduction of fine lines.

In the video below you can watch me perform the procedure and talk further in detail about the benefits of injectable moisturisers.

If you've ever considered injectable moisturisers or would just like more information, we love talking all things cosmetic medicine - Feel free to get in touch.


Dr. Phoebe Jones.

Why are we so scared of the "F" word?

Love them or hate them, the Kardashian brand is a marketing powerhouse but as time has progressed, many women are less enthused about emulating their cosmetic efforts.

Over the years I've noticed a gradual shift in our patient's acceptance of using anti-wrinkle treatments. But for many, fillers still conjure up images of overdone celebrities, due in part to our friends mentioned above.

Fillers are an invaluable tool in a cosmetic physician's toolbox. But how they are used has evolved over time. Gone are the days of just filling in lines.

It’s now possible for us to Photoshop or perform “real-life retouching” for our face . . .

As a whole, the 'pillow face' and ‘trout pout’ looks are simple out and should never return. Here in Australia we tend to be more reserved when enhancing our beauty and thankfully much of the industry seems to be following suit.

We now have a much greater understanding of the ageing processes of the face, including changes to skin, fat, muscle, ligaments and bone. 

The broad range of brands and products currently at our disposal means we can prevent and treat these changes better than we ever have previously. It's now possible for us to Photoshop or perform "real-life retouching" for our face, with natural improvements to all areas, so that our patients look better, not different.

Facial harmony and balance are key, which is why fillers work so well in combination with anti-wrinkle and skin treatments, such as lasers and peels. 

Our use of fillers varies, depending on several factors. It's not a one size fits all. The amount required and longevity does vary from patient to patient, so it’s important to discuss these factors and your expectations with your doctor, when deciding on a treatment plan.

In general, for patients in their 20s and 30s, it's about subtle enhancements and preventative treatments. These may include reducing under eye hollowing, enhancing cheeks and lips, and maintaining contours and jawlines. 

For patients over 40, it's usually about replacing volume and turning back time. The ‘liquid facelift’ is a great way to reduce sinking and sagging without risking both the ‘pulled’ appearance and having to undergo the costs and recovery involved with surgery. 

In either case, these treatments slow down the ageing process. At CCM we don't want to stop the aging process, simply make it more graceful so you don't have to feel shy about dropping the "F" word - We use it every day here at CCM and we're only too happy to discuss possible treatments for you - Just get in touch for more.

Dr Sara