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Sleep Wrinkles - Iron Out The Problem


Another major factor contributing to the phenomena of ageing is the loss of elasticity in the skin due to collagen reduction. To restore elasticity in the skin remains one of the leading research elements in the science of Anti ageing.

When we lie down to sleep, a major area of the face comes in contact with an antagonising surface causing a compression force against it. This compression persists till the time the posture is changed during sleep. This force causes an unusual positioning of the facial musculature and overlying skin. The repetitive, consistent and persisting positioning during sleep causes the creases referred normally as sleep wrinkles. Studies show that sleep wrinkles are caused mostly in the cases of sleeping on stomach or sideways. If you experience asymmetrical and obvious stubborn lines on the face not responding to anti wrinkle injections then these could be sleep wrinkles. They mainly appear on the forehead, cheeks or the angles of mouth. As these lines are not caused by the physiological contraction and relaxation of facial muscles so they do not respond to anti wrinkle injections. The same reason causes them to be at angles different from the regular expression lines.


Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.
—  Anthony Burgess

A good example can be the compression marks around the waist area after wearing a tight trousers/dress. After a few hours of removing the dress, the compression marks are gone due to the elastic nature of the skin and ample fat padding in that area. Imagine if you wear the same dress everyday for 7-8 hours for numerous years with the gradual loss of skin elasticity and loss of structural fat as it happens in the face, the marks carry a huge tendency to become permanent. Now to avoid the sleep wrinkles, the easiest advise can be to change the sleep posture, just like not wearing that dress again. However, it can be an impractical advice as we may choose to begin our sleep in a posture free of any compression against the face, but as we dwell into the deeper aspects of sleep, the posture does not remain our choice.

A few everyday recommendations to avoid sleep wrinkles can be to go to bed well hydrated, use appropriate cosmeceuticals to provide skin its moisture during sleep and maybe try special anti wrinkle pillows designed to minimise facial contact with the pillow surface.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based Dermal Fillers have a role in treating Sleep wrinkles. They not only fill up the sleep wrinkles mechanically, but the physiological stimulation of collagen synthesis by HA contributes to the thickening of the skin over time and improving the elasticity. However, It would need multiple treatments and the results may vary depending on the extent and depth of sleep wrinkles. It is of importance to be mindful that the dynamic factor of sleep position would remain the major contributory factor in the mechanism of sleep wrinkle formation. So the mainstay of the treatment of sleep wrinkles through HA Dermal Fillers would be to achieve softening of the wrinkles giving out beautiful aesthetically pleasing results.


Excessive sweating of the palms, underarms, face and various other parts of the body is a common problem and can cause a great deal of discomfort - It has a name: Hyperhidrosis.

If you do not have the condition it’s difficult to understand the impact it can have on someone’s life day-to-day and it will always be at its worst just when you don’t want it to be. Holding a partner’s hand while watching a tense movie, giving a work presentation while presenting underarm sweat patches, hands slipping on the steering wheel in difficult driving conditions and so on has a huge impact on one’s self-confidence.




There are a number of causes for excessive sweating. Many would have tried daily topical medications to reduce one's sweating, some people spray just about every part of their body in anti-perspirant, some have even resorted to sticking pantyliners on the inside of their clothing! It’s an ordeal and a drain on life. 

Botulinum Toxin A, which is also used to relax wrinkles is highly effective in treating hyperhidrosis. A very fine needle is used to distribute the Botulinum Toxin A intradermally to block the nerve impulses that cause you to sweat.

Does it hurt? That depends on your own pain threshold but at CCM we provide the option of Nitrous Oxide (aka as Happy Gas) which makes the procedure more comfortable.

Will it last forever? No, Botulinum Toxin A is used in a wide range of treatments in the medical world and as wonderful as it is you will need a top up within 3 months time. 

We love talking about what we do at Concept Cosmetic Medicine so if you are troubled by hyperhidrosis feel free to get in touch and we'll answer any questions you have and the possible treatment options available to you.




I'm asked a lot about injectable moisturisers - Will it hurt and do they work?

Generally speaking, there's only some discomfort. We apply numbing cream to the area prior and use very fine gauge needles for the actual injections. In addition there's gas on-hand also should you be sensitive.

Does it work? We think so.

While the effects are not as prominent as some other procedures, the overall glow and luminosity is certainly noticeable along with the reduction of fine lines.

In the video below you can watch me perform the procedure and talk further in detail about the benefits of injectable moisturisers.

If you've ever considered injectable moisturisers or would just like more information, we love talking all things cosmetic medicine - Feel free to get in touch.


Dr. Phoebe Jones.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Not Naming Any Names But . . .

The 2nd of this blog series concerns anti-wrinkle injections.

Soft and natural rules!!!

“Stiff and stupid” is just that!

Cranky Lines, Forehead lines, Wolf Lines, Smokers Lines, Brow Lifting, Neck Bands, Jowl Line refining and Face Shaping are some, but by no means all, the domain of Anti-Wrinkle injections.

Together with home skin care (the subject of the last blog), they represent THE 2 KEY things we can do so that our skin looks its’ best both now and over the years ahead.

Highly purified Botulinum Toxin is what is used and there are 3 brands available in Australia.

Doctor’s aren’t allowed to name them by federal TGA laws (but journalists can – go figure!), so suffice to say I will use “BTX” to signify all the 3 brands from Galderma, Merz and Allergan. All three are produced by multinational and highly reputable companies.

At Concept Cosmetic Medicine we have all 3 brands but, all of our Dr’s feel a preference for the Galderma product.

It’s what we use on ourselves and our families. It’s not uncommon to receive feedback saying it works quicker and it lasts longer but also our Doctors feel it gives the best value for money at the moment.

Now while I’ve performed literally thousands of anti-wrinkle injections my key message has always remained the same - LESS IS MORE!

Soft and natural rules!!!

“Stiff and stupid” is just that!

Apart from the “#11” cranky lines between the eyebrows, ALL other areas of the face should be respected and left with enough movement to look and be natural. Any lines in the area treated will progressively soften and over time, will mostly fade anyway.


The amount of $$$ dependent on you’re your personal budget and skin maintenance goals and desires, but spread over more clinic visits.

No obvious ‘ups and downs’ of too heavy a result followed by too too much of a wear off. Just a smooth consistent result with analogous to hair colouring, never left to leave “GT stripes”.

Scheduled maintenance is the key to deliver a far better and more natural result.

If you don’t have a Medical Practitioner and we are too far away to discuss this more nuanced approach to Anti-Wrinkle injections, the list of Fellows and Members of the The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia is a good place to start. 

Next week I’ll discuss “next level” skin maintenance. When and why some may consider, the LASER FACIAL

Dr Neal

How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?

How much anti wrinkle injections cost is often a factor in deciding whether to go ahead with a treatment. But you have to be careful in choosing a anti wrinkle injections based on price alone, as it’s likely that a cheap anti wrinkle injections service is an inferior treatment.

In our clinic, how much a anti-wrinkle injections costs depends on how much we’re going to use. We operate with the principle that the more anti-wrinkle injections you purchase from us, the less you will pay per unit. We do this so that you can afford the very best treatments we can give that will last a longer time. Our aim is to be the least expensive of all the reputable clinics in town.

Now why do we consider ourselves a reputable clinic? Because we only have qualified doctors who do these treatments. We use doctors so that we are confident you are getting the best treatments that will last as long as they can.

You certainly may be able to get cheap treatments elsewhere, but cheap treatments probably mean that you are not actually having enough of the material in the right place. The best analogy is filling your car up with petrol. You don’t just go in to buy $50 worth of petrol – you want to know how many litres of petrol have gone in.

We only provide doctors qualified to administer this treatment.

You should not have nurses injecting these products in an unsupervised and unauthorised way.
Ultimately, this is illegal.

In comparing anti-wrinkle injections, you need to consider whether it is a qualified doctor that is doing the anti wrinkle injections or if it is just a technician or nurse. If it is a nurse, which doctor is prescribing the anti-wrinkle injections? Who is going to be on the premises while the treatment is being done? Who is going to fix it if it doesn’t go right? And how much anti-wrinkle injection is going to be used and where is it going to be applied? These are all questions to ask when considering the price of anti-wrinkle injections.

If price is the only thing that matters, you can probably get it cheaper. But we’re of the opinion that cut-price cosmetic medicine is not a good idea. And this is one reason why at Concept Cosmetic Medicine we have qualified doctors on hand to prescribe, administer and supervise anti-wrinkle injections.

If it is a nurse injecting this prescribable drug without the direct contact of the medical practitioner at the time of prescribing it and overseeing it, it is both illegal and inappropriate. You should not have nurses injecting these products in an unsupervised and unauthorised way. Ultimately, this is illegal. It is no different to allowing someone without the appropriate ‘ticket to play’ (qualifications) to prescribe your blood pressure or diabetes medication or narcotics.

So how much do anti wrinkle injections cost? In a reputable clinic like ours, most people coming through for a anti wrinkle injections are paying $10 per unit. And the more that has to be used, the cheaper it will get. Rest assured, at Concept Cosmetic Medicine you will be receiving your treatments in a professional, safe manner by medical practitioners and you will receive the amount of anti wrinkle injections that will give you maximum results. This is your body you’re talking about – it deserves the best treatment. And remember, our pricing structure is fair.

Dr Neal.