Dr Tauseef Zia

Sleep Wrinkles - Iron Out The Problem


Another major factor contributing to the phenomena of ageing is the loss of elasticity in the skin due to collagen reduction. To restore elasticity in the skin remains one of the leading research elements in the science of Anti ageing.

When we lie down to sleep, a major area of the face comes in contact with an antagonising surface causing a compression force against it. This compression persists till the time the posture is changed during sleep. This force causes an unusual positioning of the facial musculature and overlying skin. The repetitive, consistent and persisting positioning during sleep causes the creases referred normally as sleep wrinkles. Studies show that sleep wrinkles are caused mostly in the cases of sleeping on stomach or sideways. If you experience asymmetrical and obvious stubborn lines on the face not responding to anti wrinkle injections then these could be sleep wrinkles. They mainly appear on the forehead, cheeks or the angles of mouth. As these lines are not caused by the physiological contraction and relaxation of facial muscles so they do not respond to anti wrinkle injections. The same reason causes them to be at angles different from the regular expression lines.


Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.
—  Anthony Burgess

A good example can be the compression marks around the waist area after wearing a tight trousers/dress. After a few hours of removing the dress, the compression marks are gone due to the elastic nature of the skin and ample fat padding in that area. Imagine if you wear the same dress everyday for 7-8 hours for numerous years with the gradual loss of skin elasticity and loss of structural fat as it happens in the face, the marks carry a huge tendency to become permanent. Now to avoid the sleep wrinkles, the easiest advise can be to change the sleep posture, just like not wearing that dress again. However, it can be an impractical advice as we may choose to begin our sleep in a posture free of any compression against the face, but as we dwell into the deeper aspects of sleep, the posture does not remain our choice.

A few everyday recommendations to avoid sleep wrinkles can be to go to bed well hydrated, use appropriate cosmeceuticals to provide skin its moisture during sleep and maybe try special anti wrinkle pillows designed to minimise facial contact with the pillow surface.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based Dermal Fillers have a role in treating Sleep wrinkles. They not only fill up the sleep wrinkles mechanically, but the physiological stimulation of collagen synthesis by HA contributes to the thickening of the skin over time and improving the elasticity. However, It would need multiple treatments and the results may vary depending on the extent and depth of sleep wrinkles. It is of importance to be mindful that the dynamic factor of sleep position would remain the major contributory factor in the mechanism of sleep wrinkle formation. So the mainstay of the treatment of sleep wrinkles through HA Dermal Fillers would be to achieve softening of the wrinkles giving out beautiful aesthetically pleasing results.


An average female spends approximately $1200.00 a year on serums, lotions, creams and potions - It’s really big business. While there’s countless products available, one thing they all have in common is the promise to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin... mostly backed by the term “laboratory proven”.

No matter how beneficial a certain product is for the “luminosity, youthfulness, hydration, softness” of your skin, it simply cannot penetrate to where it really matters - as that is our skin’s primary function.

A barrier.

After a period of hit and miss, those of us who take these promises seriously, do manage to find the appropriate product that works in harmony with our skin type and texture. Most of us remain loyal to that particular brand until being seduced by more conspicuous promises, peer pressure or a change in personal life style that may render that particular promising brand ineffective. And so, the search begins again. The hit and miss cycle continues until we eventually find "the one"... Again.

In my opinion it is not a particular product that works for the skin. It is the product of a well-regimented routine and persistence that works the skin towards a more youthful and well-preserved freshness.

As the largest organ of the human body, the skin we live in is in essence, our body’s barrier to the outside world. It’s essentially one big red “STOP” sign. No matter how beneficial a certain product is for the “luminosity, youthfulness, hydration, softness” of your skin, it simply cannot penetrate to where it really matters - as that is our skin's primary function. A barrier.

For this reason, the best moisturiser for the skin to date remains ample oral hydration and the best rejuvenator still is a well-balanced nutritious diet…. Well, at least to begin with.

An ageing skin loses its ability to remain hydrated for extended periods due to the loss of its proteoglycan (glycosaminoglycan) content. A dehydrated dermis not only looks dull and lifeless but also has higher levels of MMP (matrix metalloproteinases), which are intimately involved in all aspects of skin aging. So how to deal with the stubborn barrier to make the barrier itself look healthier?

Imagine a moisturiser that can pierce through your natural barrier forces of the skin and hydrate it from within.. like painting the inside of a wall.

Hyaluronic Acid based Injectable moisturisers are specialised, naturally occurring sugar molecules used to provide lasting hydration for months from within the skin. These molecules are hydrophilic that means they love and attract water, giving off a physical effect of allowing the skin to look plump and luminous.

More water content in the dermis means more oxygen concentration and easy access of nutrition to the skin. This contributes to the physiological effect of collagen and glycosaminoglycans synthesis by Fibroblast stimulation. It’s a very thin and non-structural Hyaluronic Acid, so it doesn’t contribute in shaping or volumising like other Hyaluronic Acid based dermal fillers. However, it does last for months like other HA based dermal fillers. This makes it a great product to be used pretty much anywhere for skin rejuvenation and fine wrinkle treatment. My patients particularly love it under the eyes, around the lips, neck and décolletage area.

I have some interesting conversations with people who are aware of their hands as much as their face. Our hand gestures at times over take our facial expressions even in face to face communication. This awareness leads to queries about modalities for hand rejuvenation by my patients. Injectable moisturisers have amazing results in hand rejuvenation giving the skin a more elastic, firmer and better toned appearance.

Injectable moisturisers are a valuable maintenance tool for skin care and keep your skin perfectly moisturised from within, in a slow release lasting fashion. The treatment is incredibly efficient and cost effective only requiring annual to bi-annual treatments, depending on individual patient needs and the area to be treated. On your next visit to CCM, do ask your cosmetic physician about further information on Injectable Moisturisers.

While resilience is a human trait admired by many, Injectable Moisturisers are indeed one of the little things in life worthy of getting under your skin!

Dr Tauseef Zia